Maquina FC

Offical Club of Julio Cesar "El Cata" Dominguez



Coach Edwin Borboa and Noe Arriola lead their team to an undefeated championship
Published Aug 27, 2018

‚ÄčThis years OC Kickoff Classic featured our 2009, 2007,2005,2003, and 2001 teams. For the first time ever the 2009 division participated in this prestigious tournament and going into it this they had made it to semi finals in the Toyota Copita Alianza where they were eliminated. The itch for a championship was even more intense after being so close, which was why they spent little time being modest and dominated the first match of the group stage with a 5-1 victory over Laguna United. They continued establishing their style of play and that landed the young ones a 2-0 win over Los Angeles Premier FC. The final game of the group stage our team needed a win or a tie to be the group leaders. However Empire FC needed a win to have a gleam of hope. In the early going of the match it seemed Empire would achieve their goal but it was short lived as the match ended is a 2-2 draw leaving Empire out of playoff contention. The final was played on hot, Irvine afternoon against a familiar foe. Dvo Pro Alliance has been a competitive rival of ours for some time now. It was no surprise that they would come prepared for this match. In the opening minutes we struck first and we struck fast but key saves and bad luck kept us from scoring. Dvo Pro Alliance netted a goal first after a miscommunication on the defense. Minutes later they would find themselves in front of the net again this time one on one with our goal keeper Dominic Uribe. Dominic held his ground and made a stunning save by digging the ball out of the far left corner of the net to keep the score 1-0. Dominic's team wouldn't let him down and they would equalize right before the break. At the half both Coach Edwin and Coach Noe quickly re-hydrated their starters and gave instructions to organize their team. The second half began and it was once again a back and forth battle between both teams but a series of passes left the defenses of Dvo Pro Alliance confused and out of place. This opened a small bit of space that was filled by none other than striker Edwin Borboa Jr. The young striker made a run and found himself directly in front of the goal with no one to stop him. He cold heartily taps the ball and as time stood still we all gasped and waited for the ball to roll in the net. It seemed like an eternity but eventually the ball made it past the threshold and into the net as the whole crowd erupted. The scored was 2-1 with 5 minutes to play. The coaches new that that was a very long time for teams of this level. Instead of parkin the bus and playing defensively the team kept playing like if they were losing, missing the goal two more times late in the second half. The ball was at the feet of the Dvo Pro Alliance midfield when the referee blew the final whistle. The game was over and Maquina FC was the champions!